Social Interactions, Groups,
and Inequality Lab


The Social Interactions, Groups, and Inequality Lab (SIGIL) is a sociology research lab at Dartmouth College, headed by Kimberly B. Rogers. We conduct research on identity, behavior, and emotions in social interactions and small groups through computational modeling and laboratory research. We're interested in understanding how groups form, reach decisions, work toward collective goals, and affect the well-being of their members.


Participate in Research

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Current Lab Members

Lab Director

Kimberly B. Rogers, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Dartmouth College

Affiliated Faculty

Kaitlin Boyle, Assistant Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at University of South Carolina

Long Doan, Assistant Professor of Sociology at University of Maryland

Postdoctoral Fellows

Antonio Sirianni, Postdoctoral Fellow in Quantitative Social Sciences and Resident Scholar in Sociology at Dartmouth College

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Martha Rand, Dartmouth '23, Major: Undeclared
Peyton Gordon, Dartmouth '23, Major: Undeclared

Samantha Hysa, Dartmouth '22, Major: Economics

Morgan Pak, Dartmouth '21, Major: Sociology modified with Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Former Lab Members

Postdoctoral Fellows

Jun Zhao, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Georgia State University

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Hayley Piper, Dartmouth '22, Major: Biology 

Juliana Arevalos Bordao, Dartmouth '22, Major: Undeclared

Yliana Beck, Dartmouth '22, Major: Psychology ​

Bryce Nguyen, Dartmouth '21, Major: Psychology

Isaiah Miller, Dartmouth '21, Major: Sociology 

Lena Chen, Dartmouth '21, Major: Mathematics

Andrea Sedlacek, Dartmouth '20, Major: Quantitative Social Science, Minor: Arabic Language and Literature

Evan Kim, Dartmouth '20, Major: Economics, Minor: Quantitative Social Science

Gustavo De Almeida Silva, Dartmouth '20, Major: Sociology modified with Latin American, Latino and Caribbean Studies

Jae Hong, Dartmouth '20, Majors: Psychology and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Laura Lewin, Dartmouth '20, Major: Sociology

Vanessa Chhoa, Dartmouth '20, Major: Biology, Minor: Anthropology - Global Health ​

Sarah Ross, Dartmouth '20, Major: Environmental Studies, Minor: Sociology - Markets, Management, and the Economy

Anne Sherrill, Dartmouth '19, Major: Mathematical Data Science, Minor: Computer Science

Cayla Plotch, Dartmouth '19, Major: Economics


Our Research

May 1, 2020. Former lab member Andrea Sedlacek defended her senior honors thesis in Quantitative Social Science. The project, entitled "How Network Structure and Cultural Sentiments Shape Affective Alignment and Behavior Dynamics in Online Collaborative Task Groups," was an extension of the work she completed with the lab.

September 11, 2019. "Strategic Design toward Foundational Learning Goals in Introduction to Sociology," coauthored by Assistant Professor Kimberly Rogers, Instructional Designer Adam Nemeroff, and Dartmouth alum Kelly Caputo, was published in Teaching Sociology.

May 22, 2019. WISP interns Hayley Piper and Yliana Beck presented a poster on their research with the lab at the 2019 Wetterhahn Science Symposium.


May 7, 2019. Student researchers Andrea Sedlacek, Lena Chen, Hayley Piper, and Yliana Beck co-authored a paper with postdoctoral fellows and faculty entitled "Modeling the Culture of Online Collaborative Groups with Affect Control Theory" for the 2019 conference of the European Social Simulation Association.

Join the Lab

Interested in joining the SIGIL research team? Current Dartmouth students can apply to work with our lab through the Presidential
Scholars and Sophomore/Junior Research Scholars programs run by UGAR, as well as the Women in Science Project. If you'd like to learn more about the lab and your options for getting involved, contact Prof. Rogers.