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Academic Positions

 2015- Assistant Professor of Sociology

Dartmouth College
 2014-2015 Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology
  Mount Holyoke College

Research Interests & Publications

My research centers on culture, groups, and interpersonal interactions, explaining how social structures operating at multiple levels of analysis inform social behavior and emotional experience. I have conducted research on behavioral and emotional responses to injustice (Social Psychology Quarterly) and to stereotyped groups (Social Psychology Quarterly), consensus in cultural sentiments within and between cultures (Group Processes and Intergroup Relations), and 
opinion and sentiment change through interaction (Advances in Group Processes). I also have a strong interest in building and testing social theory. My recent work introduces a Bayesian generalization of affect control theory capable of modeling heterogeneity, uncertainty, and change in social beliefs through interaction (American Sociological Review), and advocates a multilevel theory of emotion, discussing interdependencies between mechanisms operating at the cultural, relational, situational, and biological level (Emotion Review). 

My work in progress examines individual differences in impression formation, and demonstrates how social position and status networks predict variation in group sentiments. For more information about my qualifications and research, see my Curriculum Vitae