2013  Ph.D. in Sociology, Duke University
   Certificates: College Teaching, East Asian Studies
 2008  M.A. in Sociology, Duke University
   Core Areas: Social Psychology, Economic Sociology
 2005  M.A. in Psychology, Wake Forest University
   Core Areas: Social Psychology, Cross-Cultural Sociology
 2003  B.A. in Psychology, Randolph-Macon Woman's College
   Minors: Sociology/Anthropology, History

Research Interests & Publications

My research utilizes multi-level and comparative frameworks in the study of culture, social networks, and interpersonal interaction, exploring how micro- and macro-level social structures coalesce to inform social behavior and emotional experience. I have conducted research on decision-making, perceptions of justice in exchange, intergroup behavior and emotion, and the structural predictors of social perception. My interest in cultural and structural influences on emotion can be traced back to my undergraduate and early graduate training in psychology, where my research emphasized the significance of social context and cultural variation in emotion perception.

My recent publications examine behavioral and emotional responses to stereotyped groups (Social Psychology Quarterly), compare consensus in group sentiments within and between cultures (Group Processes and Intergroup Relations), and explore emotions as both symptoms and sources of inequality (Handbook of the Social Psychology of Inequality). I have also published on
the interdependent cultural, relational, situational, and biological mechanisms of emotion construction (Emotion Review). My manuscripts in preparation examine social position and status networks as predictors of variation in identity meanings, and propose a generalization of affect control theory, which uses Bayesian methods to model uncertainty and change in these meanings through interaction. My other research in progress pertains to justice and emotion, social influence, and individual differences in impression formation. For more information about my qualifications and research, please refer to my Curriculum Vitae.