Team Research Project

Team Research Project (Sociology 142D)

 In lieu of a final examination, you will complete a semester-long team research project on competitiveness within a particular global industry. You are expected to produce (1) a 30 to 40 minute group presentation during one of the last two class meetings of the semester and (2) an 8- to 10-page individual research paper, due during the final examination period. Each of these components will count as 20% of your final course grade. 
After deciding on an industry, your group should select either two countries or two global companies of relevance to this industry for comparison using the methods and perspectives learned in the course. This project will require original data analysis, the examination of secondary data and findings, an assessment of industry competitiveness, and the proposal of targeted policy recommendations for the selected countries/companies. A 1- to 2-page paper describing your proposed project is due May 28th. This paper should indicate the industry and countries/companies your team has chosen, as well as the group’s rationale for having chosen them. Only one memo need be submitted per team, but you are expected to work together in its preparation.
For all projects, relevant economic statistics (e.g., trade/company data analyzed by the group) and secondary findings (e.g., industry/policy reports) should be used in demonstrating performance, and perspectives used in the course should be applied where appropriate. As mentioned above, all projects should additionally propose a set of policy recommendations, suggesting action steps for increased competitiveness of the countries or companies in question during the next 5 years. Papers must additionally engage a set of the readings from this semester, demonstrating an integration of the perspectives learned in this course with the content of the team project. 

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