Selected Publications

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Rogers, K.B., & Smith-Lovin, L. (2012). Answering the call for a sociological perspective on the                DOWNLOAD ]
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Rogers, K.B., & Kavanagh, L. (2010). Bridging emotion research: From biology to social                             [ DOWNLOAD ]
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Sturgeon, T., Gereffi, G., Rogers, K.B., & Stark-Fernandez, K. (2010). Prospects for Mexico in the              DOWNLOAD ]
          North American automotive industry: A global value chain perspective. Actes du 
          GERPISA, 42, 11-23.
Rogers, K.B. (2005). What’s in a face? Social context and the perception of emotion in Japan and          DOWNLOAD ]
          the United States (Master’s thesis). Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.