Research Proposal (Sociology 490S)

The research proposal will be your first attempt at formalizing the plan for your research. The introduction to this paper will be a revised version of your Literature Review. Carefully read through the comments you received on your Literature Review and revise your introduction accordingly. As before, the introduction will end with a statement of your research question, and how it speaks to a gap or open question in the literature. Afterward, you should lay out the plan for your research. Building on the paragraph you wrote for class, describe your hypotheses, methods, analysis plan, and expected results. You should identify and define the key concepts in your study, and describe how you will operationalize them using the GSS following the worksheet we used in class (i.e., provide specific variable names, attributes, etc.).

You should also describe the analyses you will use to test your hypothesis, and your expected results: Will you use multiple regression(s) or logistic regression(s) to test your hypothesis? With which independent and dependent variables? What specific results would provide support for your hypothesis? Be specific and comprehensive; explain your full plan for data analysis in detail. For example, will you need to recode or compute new variables? Constrain the sample to a GSS subgroup/year? How many respondents do you expect to include? Look back to the Data Analysis Assignment for general guidance and links to SDA help documents. This assignment will account for 10% of your final grade. Be sure to use APA style, and to check your manuscript formatting carefully. Include citations and references for all claims made in the paper.

Example Materials