Data Analysis & Results Section (Sociology 490S)

Your introduction should end with a statement of your research question and hypotheses relative to some gap in the literature. This is followed by the Methods section, which should include the following components: (1) an overview of the GSS and its methods, (2) an overview of the portion of the GSS data your own research will use, and (3) any other general information about your participants that may be relevant (e.g., basic demographics, inclusion criteria). Divide this information into two subsections named Data and Participants.
The Results section should include the following components: (1) an overview of the analyses you will discuss in the section, (2) details about the operationalization of each concept in your analyses including any recoding that was necessary, and (3) a description and interpretation of each of your analyses, which includes properly formatted regression tables. Divide this information into separate subsections, one for the overview of your analysis structure and operationalization, and one for the results of each analysis you run. Detailed guidelines can be found in the handout below.

Example Materials

 Writing Methods and Results