Selected Publications

>> ]   Kriegel, Darys J., Jesse K. Clark, Robert Freeland, David R. Heise, Muhammad Abdul-Mageed,
                  Dawn T. Robinson, Kimberly B. Rogers, and Lynn Smith-Lovin. 2017. "A Multi-Level 
                  Investigation of Arabic-Language Impression Change." International Journal of Sociology
>> ]   Morgan, Jonathan, Kimberly B. Rogers, and Mao Hu. 2016. "Distinguishing Normative
                  Determinants from Noise: A Comparison of Four Methods to Modeling Impressions of 
                  Social Events." Social Psychology Quarterly 79: 311-32.
>> ]   Clay-Warner, Jody, Dawn T. Robinson, Lynn Smith-Lovin, Kimberly B. Rogers, and Katie R.
                   James. 2016. “Justice Standard Determines
 Emotional Responses to Over-Reward.” 
                   Social Psychology Quarterly 79: 44-67.
>> ]   Schröder, Tobias, Jesse Hoey, and Kimberly B. Rogers. 2016. "Modeling Dynamic Identities 
                   and Uncertainty in Social Interactions: Bayesian Affect Control Theory." American
                   Sociological Review 81: 828-55.
>> ]   Rogers, Kimberly B. 2015. "Expectation States, Social Influence, and Affect Control: Opinion
                   and Sentiment Change through Social Interaction." Pp. 65-98 in Advances in Group 
                   Processes (vol. 32), edited by S. R. Thye and E. J. Lawler. Bingley, UK: Emerald Group.

>> ]   Foy, Steven, Robert E. Freeland, Andrew Miles, Kimberly B. Rogers, and Lynn Smith-Lovin. 
                   2014. “Emotions and Affect as Source, Outcome and Resistance to Inequality.” In 
                   Handbook of the Social Psychology of Inequality, 
edited by Jane McLeod, Edward
                   Lawler and Michael Schwalbe. New York, NY: Springer.
 >> ]   Rogers, Kimberly B. and Dawn T. Robinson. 2014. “Measuring Emotions.” In Handbook of the 
                   Sociology of Emotions, Volume II, edited by Jan E. Stets and Jonathan H. Turner. New York,
>> ]   Rogers, Kimberly B., Tobias Schröder, and Christian von Scheve. 2014“Author Reply: Affect 
                   Control Theory and the Sociality of Emotion.” Emotion Review 6: 140-41.

>> ]   Rogers, Kimberly B., Tobias Schröder, and Christian von Scheve. 2014. “Dissecting the Sociality 
                   of Emotion: A Multi-Level Approach.” Emotion Review 6: 124-33.

>> ]   Rogers, Kimberly B.  2013. “Mapping the Social Ecology of Culture: Social Position, Connected-
                    ness, and Influence as Systematic Predictors of Variation in Affective Meaning." Doctoral
                    dissertation, Department of Sociology, Duke University.
>> ]   Rogers, Kimberly B., Tobias Schröder, and Wolfgang Scholl.  2013. “The Affective Structure 
of Stereotype Content: Behavior and Emotion in Intergroup Context.” Social Psychology 
                   Quarterly 76: 125-50.
>> ]   Schröder, Tobias, Kimberly B. Rogers, Julija Mell, Shuuichiro Ike, and Wolfgang Scholl. 
                   2013. “Affective Meanings of Social Groups in Cross-Cultural Comparison.” 
                   Group Processes & Intergroup Relations 16: 717-33.
[ >> ]   Rogers, Kimberly B. and Lynn Smith-Lovin. 2012. “Action, Interaction, and Groups.”  Pp. 121-                  
                   38 in The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Sociology, edited by G. Ritzer. Oxford, UK: 
                   Blackwell Publishing.

>> ]   Rogers, Kimberly B. and Lynn Smith-Lovin. 2012. “Answering the Call for a Sociological                          
                   Perspective on the Multi-Level Social Construction of Emotion: A Comment on Boiger
                   and Mesquita.” Emotion Review 4: 232-233. 
>> ]   Rogers, Kimberly B. and Liam Kavanagh. 2010. “Bridging Emotion Research: From Biology to                  

                   Social Structure.” Social Psychology Quarterly 73: 333-334.
>> ]   Sturgeon, Timothy J., Gary Gereffi, Kimberly B. Rogers, and Karina Stark-Fernandez. 2010.                      
                   “Prospects for Mexico in the North American Automotive Industry: A Global Value
                   Chain Perspective.” Actes du GERPISA 42: 11-23.
>> ]   Rogers, Kimberly B. 2005. “What’s in a Face? Social Context and the Perception of Emotion in               
                   Japan and the United States.” Master’s thesis, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem,
                   North Carolina.